Academic Policies


Dropping/Adding Classes

Students may drop and add courses during the published Drop/Add period by completing a Drop/Add form available in the Heritage Center Administrative Office. Students may drop classes without transcript notations on or before the published “last day to drop classes.”

Students who register for classes, but do not attend nor officially drop their classes, will be administratively withdrawn from classes. It is the student’s responsibility to drop a class if they do not wish to attend. Students who are administratively withdrawn remain liable for unpaid tuition and fees.


Incomplete/Withdrawal/Leave of Absence

A student unable to complete an academic quarter for reasons beyond his/her control must request in writing consideration for an Incomplete, leave of absence, or permission to withdraw from classes (after the published “last day to drop classes”). Once an Incomplete or leave of absence has been granted, outstandingassignments must be completed by designated deadlines or the grade will convert to F (Fail). Withdrawals processed during this period will result in a grade of “W” (Withdrawal) being recorded on the transcript. Those students who have not enrolled in classes for one year or more must file a petition to reactivate their files and submit a new Church letter of recommendation.


Attendance and Class Participation

Timely attendance at all scheduled class sessions is expected. Any student missing the equivalent of six (6) class hours in a full course or three (3) class hours in a seminar will be required to do additional work, receive a lower grade or withdraw from the class, at the discretion of the instructor.

Students are responsible for completing class assignments, purchasing textbooks and other required course materials, and participating in class discussions. Textbooks and course materials purchased by the student become the property of the student.


Grading System


A     4.0   Excellent     

A-    3.7   Excellent

B+   3.3   Good

B     3.0   Good

B-    2.7   Good

C+   2.3   Average

C      2.0   Average

C-     1.7   Below Average    

D+    1.3   Low Standard

D      1.0   Low Standard

D-     0.7   Low Standard

F      0.0    Fail

P      Pass

I       Incomplete

W     Withdrawal

AW   Administrative Withdrawal    

AU    Audit


 Grade reports are mailed to students by the end of the first week of the following term.


Academic Probation, Dismissal, Readmission

Any student failing in one quarter to earn a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 will be placed on academic probation. If the student does not maintain a 2.0 grade point average or demonstrate satisfactory progress in the subsequent quarter, a quarter suspension from classes may be imposed. After a quarter of suspension and satisfactory progress is still not achieved, termination or dismissal may result.

In addition, a student may be dismissed from Heritage Center for Religious Studies for any of the following reasons:

  • Academic dishonesty and plagiarism of written material
  • Any behavior which is deemed detrimental to the integrity of this institution
  • Providing false information on the Application for Admission
  • Delinquent financial obligations to Heritage Center

Students who have been dismissed from their studies may reapply for admission after one year. A written statement of why the student is requesting readmission and an interview with the Readmission Panel may be required.



Successful completion of the Diploma of Ministry and Certificate in Continuing Education requires a grade point average of 2.0 (grade C or better) for each course completed.

Students who satisfactorily complete the requirements for their declared programs may participate in Commencement exercises scheduled in June.

Students should file a Graduation Application with the Director of Administration and Academic Affairs and pay the application fee by the published deadline noted in the Academic Calendar.


Transcript Requests and Records

The student will be issued an Official Transcript free of charge upon graduation from any of the Heritage Center programs.

Official Transcripts will be issued to the student and third parties upon written request of the student. A transcript request form must be completed and submitted to the Registrar along with the $3.00 processing fee. All transcript requests are processed within five (5) business days of receipt.

The confidentiality of student records is observed under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974. Under this Act, students have the right to:

  • Inspect and review education records
  • Seek and amend education records
  • Require consent over the disclosure of information from education records

Transcripts will be released to third parties only upon written request of the student. Information such as name, address, telephone number, email address, program enrolled, verification of current enrollment, and religious affiliation are considered public information unless the student notifies Heritage Center Administration in writing not to disclose such information.


Uniform Writing Standards

To ensure consistency and quality in the submission of written assignments, Heritage Center for Religious Studies adheres to a policy for Uniform Writing Standards. Except in cases where the instructor has assigned sermon units or informal personal reflection papers, all essays, reports, papers, and research projects shall comply with the format outlined in:

 Turabian, Kate L. A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations.         6th ed. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1996.

All written assignments shall be submitted as follows:

  • Title page shall have title of project centered.
  • Student’s Name, Course Number and Title, Instructor’s Name, and Date or Term must be noted in the lower center or right corner of the page.
  • Students shall submit papers on 8 ½ x 11 inch white paper. Multiple pages shall be stapled together in the upper left corner. Special covers, designs and binding are not to be used.
  • Margins shall be one (1) inch on all four sides.
  • All pages except the title page and first written page are numbered.
  • All typing must be letter quality with upper and lower case print. The Font size should be no larger than 12 point. Acceptable fonts include Times New Roman, Elite, and other serif type fonts of similar sizes. Serif fonts have feet (extending edges).
  • Always proofread the document before submission.
  • Submit the original copy of paper, not xeroxed copies.
  • Citations of other works included or consulted are required.