Tuition and Fees

Application fee

A $35 non-refundable, non-transferable application fee is to accompany the Application for Admission.

Late Registration fee

Students registering after the final date of advance registration for a quarter will be subject to a late charge of $25.


  • Cost per Course     $250
  • Audit                    $150
  • Seminars              $150

Graduation Fee

A $75 fee is to accompany the Application for Graduation. Students who will not be graduating as planned for any reason may defer the fee to the next available graduation date.


Advance Payment Plan

Students may enter into tuition payment plans as early as five months before the quarter begins and are to submit Payment Arrangement Forms for each quarter. Tuition payments are made on a regular schedule and final tuition payments are due the first day of the quarter. Accounts unpaid by the first day of the quarter will be assessed a $25 late payment fee.

Delayed Payment Plan

A minimum tuition deposit of $50 per course plus a $25 special processing fee is due the first day of the quarter. The balance is due within 60 days. Accounts left unpaid after 60 days will be assessed an additional $25 late payment fee. Exceptions to this policy will be made on an individual basis.

Payment Options

Cash Payments are accepted only at the school office.

Checks and money ordersshould be made payable to Heritage Center. A $25 processing   fee will be charged for all checks returned for insufficient funds.

Credit cards, debit payments, and “e-checks” are accepted via the internet at Payments are processed through PayPal and all transactions are secure.

Students sponsored by third parties (church, employer, etc.) must submit a letter from the third party on letterhead or tuition voucher along with a deposit of $50 per course by the first day of the quarter. The letter or voucher must include how much the third party is committing to pay.

***Third party payments must be received no later than the third week of class. If we do not receive payment in full by the third week of class, the student will be responsible for paying the total amount due plus the late fee of $25. If the third party submits payment after the conclusion of the quarter, tuition payments made by the student will be refunded. Exceptions to this policy will be made on an individual basis.


Tuition and fee refunds will be made as follows:

Through first five days of quarter        100%

After first 5 days of quarter                 None

The $35 Application fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Students who have made tuition and registration fee payments prior to being accepted for admission into Heritage Center for Religious Studies will receive full refunds if they are denied admission for any reason.

All refunds shall be returned to the student within 30 days.